Nerdnet.com: XFree86 4.0 Install and Impressions

[ Thanks to Joe Jenkins
for this link. ]

“I have been anxiously awaiting XFree86 4.0 for several months.
After reading about it from the initial announcement and reading
the updates posted on the XFree86 website and on sites like
slashdot.org, I knew that I would be wanting this on my system the
minute it became available. This document could lightly be
considered a HOW-TO
, but I won’t classify it as such. This
article details my installation of the new XFree86 4.0
windowing system on my home Linux system, and my impressions of

“My first concern was that Mandrake, which is based on RedHat
Linux, uses the RPM package system for installation of pretty much
everything. So far, no RPM packages exist for XFree86 4.0 (I
haven’t found any yet.) The next problem I encountered was that all
the mirrors I checked only had binaries for OpenBSD and FreeBSD,
but not for glibc 2.1 Linux distributions. I was going to have to
build this from the source code.”

“I’ve installed XFree before from binary distributions with
little or no complications. But I had never built XFree entirely
from scratch before. If any of you have downloaded the source code,
you know how large a package it is, about 50 Mb of compressed code.
(It comes in three separate source code files.) I have been
building source files on Linux for several years now, and I guess
it was time to tackle my biggest build ever.”