Netscape Delivers Directory and Messaging Server Software for Linux

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (March 1, 1999) – Netscape Communications
Corporation (NASDAQ: NSCP) today announced the delivery of preview
releases of Netscape Directory Server and Netscape Messaging Server
software for Linux, a popular open-source operating system that
commands a strong market share in the enterprise and with Internet
service providers. Netscape also announced the general availability
of Netscape Delegated Administrator software for Linux. Netscape
server software for Linux provides enterprise customers with the
scalability and reliability of Netscape server software and the
innovation and open standards support of Linux.

Netscape also announced that it is working with major Linux
systems vendors including Compaq, Hewlett-Packard and VA Research
Linux Systems, as well as major Linux software vendors including
Caldera Systems and Red Hat, to ensure comprehensive Linux support
is available for Linux-based server software, operating system and
hardware platforms. Developed collaboratively by the Internet
community, Linux is an open source code version of the Unix
operating system that commands a strong share of the Internet
service provider (ISP) market and is the fastest-growing server

“Netscape is focused on enabling companies to transform their
businesses from company to company.com,” said John Paul, senior
vice president and general manager of Netscape’s server products
division. “Netscape Directory Server, Netscape Messaging Server and
Netscape Delegated Administrator on Linux will provide enterprise
customers with the scalability, reliability, innovation and open
standards support they require to compete in the Net Economy.”

Netscape server software provides the e-commerce-ready
infrastructure that is ideal for companies competing in the Net
Economy where high performance, scalability, 24×7 reliability and
strong security features that extend outside the enterprise are
critical for success. Netscape Directory Server provides real-time
directory and security services that enable centralized, low cost
management of a myriad of Internet applications deployed by
enterprises and independent software companies. Netscape Messaging
Server is high-performance Internet messaging software that enables
enterprises and ISPs to provide ‘mail-tone’ quality messaging
service to millions of employees, customers, and partners
simultaneously on the Internet and extranets.

Netscape Delegated Administrator 4.0 is an Internet application
that delegates user and account management for customer
self-service. ISPs and enterprises doing business through an
extranet are able to delegate limited management of the directory
to remote administrators and end users. Customers, partners, and
suppliers can update their own account and user information on the
web without having to call the administrator for every change.

“As the demand for Linux applications and open source solutions
continues to grow, Compaq is pleased to join with Netscape in
providing customers, developers, and ISPs with the enterprise-level
hardware, software, and open source solutions required to meet
their business needs,” said Tim Yeaton, vice president and general
manager, Compaq’s Unix software division.

“Demand for Linux applications and support is growing rapidly,”
said Aurora Belarmino, worldwide market development manager for
HP’s network server division. “We work with Red Hat to deliver
Linux solutions and support, and, in turn, applaud Netscape for its
support of this growing customer need.”

“Answering the demand for Linux applications and support is of
great concern to us,” said Bob Young, chief executive officer, Red
Hat Software. “We want to work with Netscape to provide
enterprises, telcos and ISPs with the enterprise-level hardware,
software, and support that companies require.”

“Netscape had the foresight to port Netscape FastTrack Server to
Linux years ago, and we are proud that we were part of that
decision,” said Ransom Love, chief executive officer of Caldera
Systems, Inc. “Netscape’s delivery of Linux directory and messaging
server software not only underscores its understanding of the
market, but its business acumen as well. Netscape was on the Linux
train long before it left the station and now it has increased its
speed and expanded the enterprise destinations.”

Netscape Directory Server and Netscape Messaging Server for the
Linux operating environment are available in beta versions, and
Netscape Delegated Administrator is generally available from
Netscape. Linux is freely available on the Internet at several
locations including www.linux.org.

Netscape Communications Corporation is a leading provider of
software and services for businesses that want to transform the way
they create and keep customers in the emerging Net Economy. The
company offers a full line of enterprise software solutions,
professional services, and a leading Internet portal to help
companies build, buy, or outsource Internet applications that drive
revenue growth, build customer loyalty, and create new levels of
business efficiency. Traded on NASDAQ under the symbol NSCP,
Netscape Communications Corporation is based in Mountain View,

Additional information on Netscape Communications Corporation is
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or by calling corporate sales at 650/937-2555.

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