Network Computing: Building a Faster Network Via Software

“Enter the VI (Virtual Interface) Architecture. Implementations
of this standard are available from industry leaders, such as Dell
Computer, on both Linux and Microsoft Windows NT clusters. Although
the technology isn’t mature, it is available, and more VI
Architecture products will be appearing over the next six to 12
months. If your network applications are demanding, you need to
know about the VI Architecture now so you’re ready to deploy it
after the initial shakeout period….”

Rather than have Microsoft produce the User Agent and the
hardware vendor supply the VI Architecture producer, you get both
from one shop. Your VI Architecture-enabled application will still
work across Linux and NT….

“Test implementations of the VI Architecture, both in industry
and academia, have demonstrated that the technology will work. VI
Architecture products are starting to appear-GigaNet offers the
first VI Architecture-compatible network interface hardware, and
offers drivers for Solaris, TurboLinux, Red Hat Linux and Windows
NT and 2000. If you think you might be deploying new, demanding
applications next year, examine the VI Architecture.”