Network Computing: White Pine Software MeetingPoint 4.0 [Review]

“MeetingPoint 4.0 (released in July 1999) significantly improves
on earlier versions. This capable software MCU system runs
under Windows NT and Sun Solaris; a Linux version will be available
later in the year.
White Pine promotes the software for use by
enterprise workgroups, or in combination with its ClassPoint for
virtual classroom applications. But the market that the company
appears to covet most is training and program distribution in large
organizations, using dozens of linked MCUs and hundreds of

“Continuous presence is another interactive conference option
supported in MeetingPoint, implemented as four QCIF panels in a CIF
presentation window. …did not weigh heavily in our grades because
many videoconferencing practitioners view it as… not particularly
useful where higher-resolution full-screen presentations are

“With MeetingPoint, endpoints can use G.711 or G.723 audio, and
H.261 or H.263 video in CIF, QCIF or sub-QCIF. But all participants
in a conference must choose the same algorithms.”

“One useful new feature in MeetingPoint 4.0 is conference
callout, which enables the server to initiate a conference at the
scheduled time by dynamically calling all participants. It also
lets participants in an existing conference dial another endpoint
on the fly to bring a colleague into the meeting.”

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