Network World Fusion: Network Associates redoubles antivirus efforts

“McAfee VirusScan now has ‘e-mail x-ray’, a feature that
opens MAPI-based mail attachments, and scans them right on the mail
system’s Post Office Protocol (POP) server.”

” ‘The recent wave of severe viruses, such as Melissa, CIH and
ExploreZip, has caused us to rethink how we do virus scanning,’
says Sal Viveros, group marketing manager for Total Virus Defense
at Network Associates.”

“Network Associates also offers server-based scanners… which
already scan and eliminate viruses at the server level. But spurred
by the recent virus outbreaks… decided to redesign its core
desktop scanner so it can scan at the POP server level to better
ward off trouble.”

“Viveros predicts the next wave of problems will be the result
of downloading hostile ActiveX and Java applets.”


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