New Btrfs Free Tutorial and Request for End User Feedback on Btrfs

” Those who follow Linux have certainly heard of Btrfs, a
relatively new high performance file system that has a lot of
people excited about its potential. Two months ago during LinuxCon
Japan, we were pleased to sit down with lead developer Chris Mason
from Oracle to record a short webinar that focuses on demonstrating
RAID5 and RAID6 as well as recently completed features in Btrfs.
This tutorial would be valuable to anyone interested in the
technical details of the filesystem. Please enjoy this free Btrfs
Linux tutorial and let us know your feedback. Also, please enjoy
the other free Linux training tutorials available as part of our
Linux training program.

“But we’re not content just publishing information on Btrfs. At
the Linux Foundation’s End User Summit last month, we had great
interaction on the new filesystem with the attendees, many of whom
are members of our End User Council and who count as some of the
largest and most sophisticated users in the world. As a result of
the End User Summit, the Btrfs team created a wiki to capture use
cases from End Users on Btrfs”

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