New CAOS report on open source licenses, uses

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“The report also carries on the themes of increased
open core models, whereby open source software and licensing is
combined with commercial licensing, that we covered in CAOS Nine –
Open Source is Not a Business Model, as we consider how the need to
generate revenue and reward investors can impact decisions on open
source licenses. The report also identifies where different open
source software licenses are most prominent, both in terms of the
layer of the enterprise software stack and types of environments,
from mobile and embedded software to SaaS environments to cloud

“Despite some recent doubts about it, we see GPLv2 still widely
popular beyond its most prominent projects Linux and MySQL, which
nonetheless help bolster its significance. Still, it is a once
favorite license that may be fading as it is being used less in new
projects, which are opting instead for more modern terms and
coverage from GPLv3, AGPLv3, CPAL or other open source licenses.
There is no question that GPLv3, by contrast, is on the rise and
despite its lack of addressing what is commonly known as the ASP or
network or SaaS loophole in GPLv2, is generally viewed as more

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