New GNOME Software Map Published

From:   Steve Fox 
Subject:        New GNOME Software Map
Date:   07 Mar 2002 01:42:13 -0600      

As leaked today in the Weekly Summary, we have a new Software Map for
the GNOME website. It is based off the SourceForge code. While it wasn't
quite ready for prime time earlier today, hopefully I have fixed most of
the problems with it now, as well as importing the rest of the release
announcements since February 7th.

If you are a project maintainer and did not receive and email
notification for your user id, please email webmaster@gnome.org and
we'll get you taken care of. Any errors in the Software Map are
accidental and I hope the data conversion went ok.

I would encourage all project maintainers to log onto the Software Map
ASAP and make sure your project is categorized properly, has a good,
clean description. Also, make sure to fill in the mini description
category as this will make life much easier for the Weekly Summary

Any way, there are lots more features in the works, so keep checking

Where is it? http://www.gnome.org/softwaremap/

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