New mailing list for kpv

Martin Konold writes:

Hi there,

due to excellent work of Paulo Castro <hook@netrio.com.br> kpv
(KPackViewer) is becoming more and more popular. 

KPackViewer is a very simple utility that try to add a little help to 
System Administrators in the task of package administration. It is growing
fast trying to be a useful package viewer, and a useful package extraction
tool with some converting capabilities using Alien.

KPV works with Slackware, RPM (.rpm) (RedHat, SuSE,...) and Debian (.deb) 
Packages but it also works with Zip (.zip), TarGZip (.tar.gz, .tgz, 
.tar.Z), TarBZip2 (.tar.bz2), LHA (.lzh, .lha), GZIP (.Z, .gz) and now
KPV works also with ARJ (.arj) files...

More about KPackViewer can be found on: 


In order to make the communication between developers and users of kpv
easier we have established a kpv mailing list. Initially everyone who
has sent Paulo their email addresses got appended to the distribution

This is the latest LSM:
Title:          KPackViewer
Version:        0.50
Entered-date:   13FEB99
Description:    Package Viewer / Extractor / Converter with TreeView
                                Works with: Slack, RPM, Debian, Zip, TarGZip, TarBZip2, Lha, Arj
                Fully Integrated with KDE Desktop, Drag and Drop, DefaultApp...
                Fully Search capable, including searches inside compressed packs.
                                Group Vision Oriented including HTML formatted views.
Keywords:       kde slackware rpm debian zip gzip lha arj package viewer extract convert
Author:         <hook@netrio.com.br> Paulo Castro
Maintained-by:  <hook@netrio.com.br> Paulo Castro
Primary-site:   http://whttp://www.momentus.com.br/users/hook/kpackviewer-0.50.tar.gz
Platforms:      KDE(1.0) QT(1.4)
Copying-policy: Troll QPL / GNU General Public License

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