New release of Crystal Space 3D Engine


I’m very happy to announce a new official release of Crystal
Space. This is version 0.12.

Crystal Space is a full 6DOF 3D engine based on the portal
technology. It supports colored static and dynamic lights with soft
shadows, mirrors and reflecting surfaces, alpha transparency, 3D
triangle mesh sprites, 8-bit/16-bit/32-bit display support,
optional Direct3D (on Windows), OpenGL (on BeOS, Windows, and
Linux), or Glide (on Windows and Linux) hardware acceleration,
optional MMX support, scripting language, curved surfaces,
volumetric fog, halos, mipmapping and much much more (see also the
list below).

Crystal Space is portable. The current version runs under Linux,
Unix, OS/2, Windows, DOS, Macintosh, BeOS, OS/2, NextStep,
Rhapsody, and OpenStep. The Amiga port is being worked on right
now. For Linux you can choose between X windows, SVGALIB, or GGI
support. You can also select software, OpenGL, or Glide 3D
rendering. For Windows you can choose between software, Direct3D,
OpenGL, or Glide.

Crystal Space is free (falls under the LGPL license). Because it
is under LGPL you CAN use it for commercial or shareware purposes
provided you can conform to the LGPL license. Include in the source
archive there is a file called COPYING which explains what you can
and can’t do.

Crystal Space is written in C++ (and optional assembler parts)
and full source is available (of course).

Crystal Space is work in progress. The current version is not
finished yet and probably contains lots of bugs. The ultimate goal
is to write a good and general 3D game engine. This includes all
the 3D stuff but also support for a good scripting language. You
are free to try to use Crystal Space in your projects but keep in
mind that currently you will not find a ready-to-use package. But
don’t despair! There is currently a good development team (which
YOU can join, by the way) working daily to bring you new features.
There are currently about 346 people subscribed to the developers
mailing list!

Here is where you can download Crystal Space and get all wanted


Or you can mail me at:

[email protected]