New release of “The Cathedral and the Bazaar” is available

Eric S. Raymond writes:

I have made a new version of CatB available on the writings page at my
site. This is the first significant revision of the paper since the
immediate aftermath of the Mozilla announcement in early February
of last year. It incorporates some of the best of the insights into
bazaar development that I’ve been sent over the last two years, and
includes an entire new section “On Management and the Maginot

I suppose this is as good a time as any to announce that I have
a handshake agreement with Tim O’Reilly to do a “Cathedral and
Bazaar” book for release this fall. The book will include expanded
and revised versions of CatB, “Homesteading the Noosphere”, “The
Magic Cauldron”, and “A Brief History of Hackerdom” — knit
together, we hope, into a whole even more than the sum of its
parts. Other new material may also be included.

Essentially the entire book will also be Web-accessible. Of
course, this choice reflects the practice and philosophy of open
source; I mean to use the power of peer review to improve my
description of it. So you will see more revisions of my papers
coming out for comment before LinuxWorld.

Finally, it may be of interest that Tim wants to cloth-bind this
puppy and aim it straight at the business-book bestseller lists.
Please wish us luck at this; the people a glossy CatB book reaches
just could give open source a substantial boost towards world
domination :-).