New Technology Solutions: Enter Late–and Dominate

[ Thanks to Doug Bostrom for
this link. ]

“‘Mezick’s Theorem’ states that open source dominance is the
last phase in the lifecycle of all mature horizontal software
markets. The Linux phenomenon has many scratching their heads. Just
why is it that Linux does not go away? Why exactly is it
successful? How can such a ‘non-product’ triple its market share in
just one year? It continues to baffle industry ‘experts’ because
the dynamics are just beginning to actually emerge. But the true
picture is taking shape–and the contours of the future regarding
software markets is becoming much more clear. The lessons of Linux
provide the roadmap for the future.

“The legal foundation of Linux usage is the General Public
License (GPL), which grants the user certain legal rights and in
return, imposes certain key obligations. Chief among these is the
obligation to provide the source code of any derivative works–to
anyone who asks.

“The GPL license is at the heart of Linux success. Understand
the GPL, and you understand not just Linux dynamics, but also the
likely future of the entire software business…”


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