NewsFactor: OpenOffice Gets Its OS X Story Straight

[ Thanks to the_randymon for this link.

“On Thursday, OpenOffice.org released an alpha version of
OpenOffice for Mac OS X Latest News about OS X, along with a call
for volunteers to help bring the Mac version to completion.
However, the OpenOffice community was startled when an article
appeared the following day on an online news site stating that Sun
and Apple were collaborating on developing StarOffice for Mac.

“That news, if true, would not have posed a problem. OpenOffice
and StarOffice versions already coexist for several operating
systems, including Solaris and Linux. While OpenOffice is free,
StarOffice charges a licensing fee and includes technical support
and additional functionality, such as spell-checking and database

“But volunteers were unhappy because they felt they had been
blindsided by Sun, which had assured them it had no plans for a Mac
version of StarOffice. According to Ed Peterlin, the lead
programmer for the Mac OS X port, they would have expected to hear
this news from Sun long before reading about it in the


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