NewsForge: A New Venue for Selling Open Source Software

“Lulu.com is the brainchild of Red Hat founder Bob Young. With
Lulu, Young offers would-be publishers, whether book authors,
musicians, photographers, or artists, the opportunity to expose and
sell their work for little or no upfront investment. But Lulu.com
is more than just an on-demand publishing house. True to the open
spirit, it is also a community — a haven where artistic people can
gather to share experiences and seek advice from one another. They
can network, looking for opportunities to collaborate and muster up
creative synergy. It is open and it is free. And now, it is for
software developers too.

“Lulu this month announced that software developers can now
publish their works at Lulu.com and sell hard copies of instruction
manuals and boxed sets of programs…”