NewsForge: Gaming review: Uplink for Linux puts you inside world of high-tech espionage

“‘Connecting to Gateway…’ That’s the beginning of
every day for an Uplink Agent. How it ends is up to you. Uplink is
the first offering from Introversion, a game design company from
the United Kingdom. The game ships with both a Windows and Linux
version on its CD.

Uplink is, essentially, a hacking (and cracking) simulator. More
accurately, its a game that simulates high-tech crime and
espionage. It should be noted here that Uplink won’t really teach
you how to crack computer systems — this is a simulation set in
the year 2010, so the game has several tools that don’t exist
today. You play the role of an anonymous contract employee of the
Uplink Corporation. You take jobs based on your preference and
skill, and complete them for a paycheck.

Do you accept?”


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