NewsForge: Open Source UML Editors Lag Proprietary Leader

“Normally when one decides to contribute to an open source
project, the first step is to download the sources and study them.
This can be a tedious job, especially if the project is large. It
would be more useful if the project leaders would provide a
graphical representation of the project, which would enable current
contributors to keep an overview of the developing software, and
would help potential contributors to see how each part of the
software is interconnected with other parts. Most commercial
software developers provide such graphical representation, and do
so in a standard manner, with the Unified Modeling Language (UML).
However, only a minuscule number of projects in SourceForge.net
(which boasts of being the largest open source projects repository)
describe their software in UML. Part of the reason may be that OSS
UML editors are not up to the job…”

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