NewsForge: Some Good Reasons Not to Use Linux

“Some people can use Linux, and some can’t. No matter how many
Linux zealots talk nasty about Windows or Mac users or say that
Linux is wonderful, not everyone can do their work in Linux.

“Start with desktop publishing [DTP]. This is one of the most
common computer tasks. Small companies, home-based entrepreneurs,
schools, churches, synagogues, mosques, community centers, amateur
sports leagues, and all kinds of groups use computers to make
letters and letterheads, business cards, envelopes, newsletters,
fliers,forms, and many other kinds of printed matter. For many
people, businesses, and organizations, this is the primary reason
to buy a computer in the first place.

“Go to any store that sells computer software. Desktop
publishing software is all over the place, ranging from little $10
utilities that make nothing but greeting cards up to full-featured
DTP programs that will make almost any kind of “home made” printed
material anyone is likely to need or want. Buy pre-scored sheets of
business card stock from companies like Avery, and they’ll also
provide software that’ll help you use their products. Note, too,
the link to the Microsoft Office Template Gallery. There is no link
to a StarOffice or OpenOffice template gallery. There are
special-purpose print templates around for StarOffice, but they are
neither extensive nor, in my experience, very usable…”

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