Next release of Slackware will feature KDE

Pat Volkerding, author of Slackware, keeps a log
of all changes he makes to Slackware.

On October 28th, Pat released Slackware 3.6.0.

On November 29th, Pat wrote:

“Added KDE package. (KDE is a network transparent contemporary
desktop environment for UNIX workstations) Note that use of KDE-1.0
may open up some local security holes. BugTraq recently reported
one with the KDE screensaver, for example. Still, KDE is pretty
nice. 🙂 These security problems will likely be gone in the next
KDE release.”

So Slackware will soon join the ranks of Caldera, SuSE, Corel,
and Linux-Mandrake as a distribution that ships KDE.