open.NET? Microsoft To Make .NET Libraries Available Under “Open Source”

“One minute ago Microsoft made one of its first ‘open source’
moves under the new Microsoft Reference License: the team in
Redmond announced they’ll make some .NET libraries available. I say
‘open source’ because to me, open source means you can easily
access a .tar or .zip of the code. Microsoft’s effort is a bit more

“What does that mean for you? Is .NET open source now? I
wouldn’t call it that quite yet. This is the first step on a much
longer journey…”


eWeek: Microsoft’s Open-Source Trap for Mono

“Microsoft is claiming that releasing the .NET Framework
reference source code under the Microsoft Reference License will
give developers the opportunity to understand more about .NET.

“That sounds good for open source, doesn’t it? Wrong!
Microsoft’s so-called opening up of .NET Framework is setting a
trap for open-source programmers. Open-source developers should
avoid this code at all costs…”