Open source internships make great career starters

What did you learn by interning with Red Hat? How has it impacted your career?

Arman Assa, Director of Global Operations, Customer Service Intern (2004)

If you have smart and innovative ideas that are practical and relevant, you will find that our leaders will take you seriously. It is not rare for an intern to be sitting in a staff meeting next to a VP and actively participating in the conversation. Decision-making at Red Hat is very much a bottom-up and lateral process. It is very different from the top-down approach of many older companies and it takes some getting used to. From a career-advancement standpoint, individuals who start out in entry-level positions have a tremendous opportunity to have visibility with the leadership team. This is how I was able to start as intern ten years ago and work my way up to where I am today. But it also comes with responsibility: you’d better make sure that what you say and do adds value for the entire company.