Open Source IT: The Buzz at Apache Conference: World Domination

“More than 1,000 Apache developers and users gathered at
ApacheCon 2000 in Orlando last week to discuss — among other
things — the progress the Apache Web server is making towards
World Domination.”

“In the opening plenary, while members of the Apache Software
Foundation took questions from the audience, ASF vice president Ken
Coar casually displayed on an overhead screen the Netcraft Web
site, which monitors Web server software use on the Internet.
Apache holds a commanding lead, running nearly 60% of the servers
on the Internet. Microsoft’s IIS was a distant second, with around

“A series of sessions on the PHP and Perl scripting
, for example, went under the tongue-in-cheek
title ‘World Domination Heroes.’ Behind the levity, however, was
the knowledge that Apache does indeed hold a commanding position in
the world of Web servers.”

“Unlike the recent LinuxWorld conference in New York, which had
a huge show floor and was accompanied by a veritable tidal of press
announcements from various vendors, ApacheCon 2000 was billed as a
conference for developers. For many attendees, like Ben Laurie,
director of London-based A. L. Digital Ltd., and an Apache Software
Foundation board member, the chance to talk to fellow Apache
developers in person was a high point of the meeting. ‘I’ve been
working with Apache for five or six years — since version 0.9.11
— and until this meeting I hadn’t met a lot of my fellow ASF board
members,’ he says.”