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 OpenNMS Update

Vol 1., Issue 34

   In this week's installment...

     * Project Status
          + Starting to Stress Test
          + Starting to Stress Out
          + Coding Projects Underway
     * California, Here Steve Comes!
     * Shane Meets Maddog
     * The Wish List

Project Status

Starting to Stress Test:


We’re getting to a point with some of the underlying processes
that we’re able to start putting some things through their

We’ve started with some initial stress testing of the events
subsystem, including receiving traps, converting them to our
internal XML-based Universal Event Identifier (UEI) format, pushing
them through the event system (including a mapping phase for
detailed event configuration, writing the event to the database,
and invoking a Perl script as an automated action.

First, some more details on the test itself. We generated the
traps first from the same box to a local trapd process (trap
listener) via the loopback interface. We generated the traps in
groups of 100, at a rate of roughly 10 traps/second. Handle it? No
problem! And what’s interesting is that it also accommodated
writing these events to the database–which we were accessing
across the network via JDBC. (Those of you thinking about how to
scale this thing should be making mental notes about right

The test environment: Bluebird 0.2.4 running on a P2-400 w/
128MB (NT4) accessing a remote database server via JDBC running
Postgres 7.0.2 on a P200 w/ 32MB (SuSE’s stock 2.2.16-3

We’re continuing on, adding some additional code that will
provide some more insight as to how things are being handled
internally, where they may be bottlenecks, etc. And as we get more
data, we’ll be keeping you posted. Of course, as soon as we hit a
production plateau, we have no doubt that we’ll receive more info
than we could ever have wanted if something doesn’t perform

For those of you wanting to do some of your own stress testing
now, I’d like to recommend you wait a couple days for simplicity’s
sake. We are just about to release SCM, which will automatically
fire up some of the critical processes you need to run the “guts”
of Bluebird, and as much as I hate to say it, the CVS build is
still more focused on the UIs than the underlying components.
Things are coming and are coming quickly. The Convergence is upon

Starting to Stress Out:

We’ve got an MP3 server in the corner responsible for bringing
in da noise, and developers that stay in the office, code all
night, and don’t make it home to shower in the morning who are in
charge of bringing in da funk.

We’re on a collision course with Thanksgiving, and it appears
that everything is going to be in place to meet that date, warts
and all. But for those of you anxiously awaiting this release, keep
in mind that much of this early functionality is coming at the
expense of time spent with spouses/families/signficant
others/alone, continually opting for pizza delivery over real food,
and in a few cases, personal hygiene.

I can’t say enough to laud the efforts that this team is putting
forth. It’s great to work with smart people, but smart people that
are motivated and driven to succeed–that’s a horse of a different

When we get through this initial push, have your travel agents
send their brochures to the office, because some folks around here
are in desperate need of vacations (and showers, but I already
mentioned that…)

Coding Projects Underway:

* create.sql — No changes this week.

* Events — See the notes on the early stress-testing above.

* SCM — One bug left to fix, and it was de-prioritized, since
we know what the problem is and how to fix it. Changes and
corresponding external release coming soon.

* OutageManager — Vishwa’s turned this over to Sowmya for final
review, fixes, and certification. Should have something soon.

* RTC — Jacinta is integrating the real-time console with the
appropriate processes that drive it. Making good progress.

* icmpd/Perl — Low priority. No update.

* Filters — Working as advertised. All applause goes to Jason,
with some saved for Weave’s contribution of the Postgres stored

* Maji Prelim Work — Haven’t heard anything lately, but I know
that Rick is plugging away.

* joeSNMP — No changes.

* Operator Panels — When I get bored, I screw around with the
logo on the login panel. Feedback is appreciated.

* Admin Panels — More minor bug fixes. Looks pretty solid.

* Documentation — More updates available via the “devdocs”

California, Here Steve Comes!

As promised and previously scheduled, Steve is hitting the road
this week, making a swing by a couple different users’ groups in
the Bay Area.

If you are in the San Francisco/Sebastopol area, you can hook up
with Steve either at the North Bay LUG or the BAADD meetings.

As always, details available at the Speaking Engagements link on
the web site .

Shane Meets Maddog

In case you were thinking that this was about to be a story
about my first experience with cheap wine, you are about 14 years
too late, and definitely in the wrong forum (since I only talk
about quaffing an occasional malty brew, here…)

Anyway, last week, with Luke and I in Austin and cordially
hosted by the Austin LUG, I once again found myself in the same
place as Jon “maddog” Hall, Executive Director of Linux
International and Linux Evangelist #1 (We both did
LinuxWorldExpo-Frankfurt and ALS). And when I headed to the airport
to leave Austin, I had managed once again to miss meeting the man,
the myth, the legend.

So alone and dejected, I hauled my /(carc)?ass/ to the plane and
assumed my seat in 29D only to find, in 29F — you guessed it — a
very attractive young lady! Oh yeah, Maddog was in 29A…

So I got the chance to introduce myself and talk a little bit
about OpenNMS (I really don’t have much else to talk about…), of
which he seemed interested and noted that he’d be checking us

But wait, there’s more to this story: As we talked, the flight
attendant asked if we’d like to meet the pilot. So we head to the
front of the plane, and before too long the conversation turns to
peculiar dog behavior, Turkish prisons, and grown men in various
states of undress. I could tell Maddog was kind of uncomfortable,
so I politely excused us back to our seats where it was early
enough that we were still able to take a nap/write some code before
we were on the ground again.

I’ll leave it to you to determine where the embellishment begins
in this story, but if you’ve read this far and figure it out, you
know now the two critical pieces of information: I got to meet and
talk with Maddog and I’ll go to just about any length for a cheap
wine joke/Regular Expression/Airplane reference.

I gotta get more sleep…

The Wish List

As we close in on some critical dates, we need your help more
than ever on some of these key project components. TIA!

* Documentation (both lightweight and detailed)

* Testing of the EUIs (once they are updated), with bugs
reported to Bugzilla

* Add SNMPv3 functionality to joeSNMP

* Implement the event correlation spec.

* Consider the integration points for CIM/WBEM support

* Take a look at the ASN.1-to-XML conversion utilities that are
available and let us know what you think… JavaCup parser for MIBs
or ASN.1 to XML conversion.

I’m always looking to broaden my vocabulary, but I could have
gone forever without introducing the phrase “hanging chad”.


Shane O.
Shane O’Donnell

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