Opera.com: Opera for Linux

“Opera 4.0a for Linux is now available! As noted by the version
number, this is still an Alpha release. We at Opera have decided to
refer to this version as a technology preview since the term Alpha
states by its nature that it has not been released from our local
offices. Since this is a technology preview, and not a beta, we
are asking that you do not send us bug reports–there are still
enough being generated internally to keep us busy for a while.

In addition, we will not be providing technical support for this
version yet. Any questions you have can be directed to our Opera
for Linux newsgroup.”

“We have released this version so that our dedicated Opera users
of the past that have made the transition to Linux can feel
confident that we’re doing the best we can to make sure that there
will be a formal beta leading to a full release in the near future.
Opera for Linux in its current state is not usable as a full
browser; there are still quite a few features missing and many
others still being debugged.”

“Initially we released this version to the public without any
notice or formal press. We appologize for this. We wanted to first
see the feedback we received from the public users likely to find
this program on their own. We learned about many issues we need to
address on this page. Hopefully, most of your questions will be
covered below in a mini FAQ we’ve put together.”