O’Reilly Network: Eazel’s Business Model

“Eazel Inc. is in an enviable position for a startup. It has
talented programmers, experienced management, a comfortable cushion
of startup cash, and lots of attention from the business

“Jerry Borrell, editor in chief of Upside magazine, gushed in a
June profile of the company, “Where do I line up to invest in such
an ‘it’s only a matter of time before the IPO’ firm, you ask?
Through the wisteria-draped doorway of Eazel, on San Antonio Road
in Palo Alto.”

“Much of this excitement comes from two things. The first is
Eazel’s corps of GUI whizzes, some of whom worked on the original
Macintosh. The second is their product, the “Nautilus Graphical
Shell for Linux,” basically the Linux equivalent of Windows’ file
manager or the finder in Mac OS.”

…Nautilus will be released under the GNU General Public
License, which means it will be free. Which raises one little
question: How will Eazel turn a profit?

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