O’Reilly Network: Installing Nautilus

“When the O’Reilly Network editors decided to test Eazel’s
Nautilus preview release, they first had to find a machine they
could pirate for installation. As it turns out, I had just pirated
such a machine myself for web page testing and for getting familiar
with Linux on a day-to-day basis.”

“I’ve always felt a little uneasy about my dependence on
Windows. And how could I work at O’Reilly and not at least
experiment with open source operating systems? So I welcomed the
project to install Nautilus. As a relative Linux newbie, it sounded
like just the thing to get me going.”

Maybe you’ve also been wondering how easy (or hard) it is
to install the preview release of Nautilus — especially if you’re
not a Linux expert. If that’s the case, come with me and I’ll tell
you what I’ve learned.

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