O’Reilly Network: Introduction to Stackless Python

Do you want your favorite language to be smaller, faster,
more flexible, and safer? That’s Stackless Python’s

“Stackless Python is an alternative implementation of Python
created by independent developer Christian Tismer. He started with
the conventional Python language processor managed by the
language’s inventor, Guido van Rossum, and patched his own
Stackless invention in place of a small but central part of
Python’s internals. Stackless Python is the result. This article
introduces Tismer’s technology and its significance. In future
articles, you’ll be able to read about how to make your own start
at programming Stackless Python, as well as the prospects for a
merger between Stackless and the main Python distribution.”

“Like most interesting technologies, the travelers on the
Stackless voyage bring several separate but closely linked stories.
Crew members have strikingly different motivations and knowledge.
So far, though, they have pulled together for a relatively smooth
ride. The sidebar at the right hints at how different ideas have
been unfolding all through the decade, finally to find a common
vehicle in Stackless Python.”

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