O’Reilly Network: Python Roadmap

How does Stackless Python fit into Python’s future? To
understand that, we first need to see where the Python programming
language is headed.

“2000 will have been an eventful year for Python. The biggest
news so far has been the westward shift of its developmental

“Guido van Rossum conceived Python at the end of 1989 while a
researcher at the National Research Institute for Mathematics and
Computer Science (Centrum voor Wiskunde en Informatica–CWI) in
Amsterdam. Since 1995, the not-for-profit Corporation for National
Research Initiatives, headquartered in Reston, Virginia, has
employed him. At the end of May, though, “open-source applications
portal” BeOpen.com hired van Rossum and several colleagues to
construct PythonLabs within the Santa Clara-based BeOpen Network.
PythonLabs headquarters remains in Reston.”

“At the engineering level, version 1.5 in its various releases
(1.5.2 was the last release of Python 1.5) remains current. There
have been two recent follow-ups to 1.5. One is called 1.6, released
in it’s final form last month. The other is designated 2.0, and was
just released this week. Many working programmers will find 1.6 and
2.0 indistinguishable for daily work….”

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