O’Reilly News: Why I Promote Python

[ Thanks to S.Ramaswamy for this link.

“It’s easy to understand why I use Python. It’s flexible, easy,
and powerful in a way that cannot be matched by other mainstream
languages. If you use Python, then you know what I am talking
about. If you do not, you will eventually; and then you’ll know
what I am talking about.”

“Selfishly speaking, I want to live in a world where most
software is written in a decent programming language. Java is
decent, and I don’t mind it. Therefore I don’t begrudge its
success. But I consider it a proprietary language surrounded by a
re-invent-the-wheel culture.”

“I do not consider Perl decent for reasons that will become
clear, and I do hope that Python takes most of its popularity. I
refuse to become proficient in “indecent” languages.”