O’Reilly: OpenOffice/NeoOffice on Mac OS X

[ Thanks to Jaja for
this link. ]

“Open Office contains 7.5 million lines of code, and produces
240 megabytes of executable code. It isn’t just a large project;
it’s a huge project.

“Before you start porting something like this, you have to ask
yourself what kind of programmers you have. Old mac coders may not
know Unix, and vice versa. You need both. And you have to ask
yourself about your users. Do they want something with typical Mac
‘fit and finish’?

“There was a three stage porting approach:

“Phase 1: Get it to compile. (Just treat Mac OS X as another
Phase 2: Wean it away from X11. (Get it to run without an X
Phase 3: Adopt Aqua look and feel. (Make it behave like a Mac

“Phase 1 (just getting it to compile) took a whole year…”


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