OSNews: Interview[s] with Xandros Vice President Michael Bego

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1. Please tell us about the interoperability between
Xandros Desktop 1.0 and Xandros Server 1.0. How similar and how
different the two products are? Please describe to us their pricing
schemes as well.

Michael Bego: Xandros Desktop is designed to be an end
user operating system. By being an end user operating system, it
naturally comes with an easy to use graphical user interface for
users to navigate through and operate on the desktop

“Xandros Server, however, can be operated with or without an
graphical user interface and it can be run ‘headlessly’. Both
Xandros Desktop and Xandros Server can be remotely managed and
administered from any web browser using our DaVinci (product code
name) remote management tools that will be shipping with the server

Story (Interview 1)

[An interview that took place some time ago but was posted
on OSNews
after the one linked above is also linked here.

Story (Interview 2)

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