OSNews: Regarding Stallman’s Vision

” From time to time I get the feeling I should express my
opinion about the whole Open source / Free software movement, Linux
and all that stuff and this time I’m actually doing that. The spark
was yet another Richard Stallman interview you can read here . I’m
mixed about Stallman too though I don’t know everything he said or
wrote. I’m mostly mixed because of a few interviews I read. My real
opinion is I don’t agree with him about many things but since he
contributed to start and make this movement grow, I’m mixed about
saying he was (or is) somewhat wrong.

“The first thing I don’t understand about Stallman ideology (or
philosophy) is the very concept of free software he expresses (you
can read about it in that interview). Now, I can say I’m truly
against any Intellectual Property concept (though I think a wise
use of IP can contribute to destroy IP itself) but I really don’t
understand why Stallman keeps on talking about freedom about
software only…”