OSNews: Why You Shouldn’t Write your Own Kernel Anymore

“As a programmer and manager of embedded software products for a
living, I think that operating system programming is so much fun
that it will eventually be outlawed. I’ve previously published two
articles on OSNews, So, you want to write an operating system and
Climbing the kernel mountain, and tried to summarize my experience
in designing operating system kernels as well as technical traps
that can be easily avoided…

“I meant to write follow-up articles on the subject, but instead
was sent by court order to Article Title School for two years. In
the meantime, the world, and my perception of things–not just
article titles–evolved. While I hope that someone, somewhere,
found the advice helpful enough to start writing a kernel, I’ve
realized in the meantime that the fun of doing that from scratch
has–for all intents and purposes–actually been outlawed…”


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