Parley is the New KVocTrain

[ Thanks to D.C.
for this link. ]

When and why was KVocTrain started?

“This depends on what you define as my project. KVocTrain is
very old. It started about 1999 and was actively developed until
about 2001. I cannot tell you much about this period, but Peter
Hedlund of the KDE Education team stepped forward to keep it alive.
He got me started on KVocTrain and just recently gave me total
control over it. He keeps on contributing and fixing bugs though. I
started getting actively involved after using KVocTrain in Madrid
where I spent a semester studying at the UPM. After findings some
usability weaknesses in KVocTrain I sent in my first patch… Just
ten days ago and with the help of the Edu folks I took the liberty
to rename it to Parley. So KVocTrain is dead but Parley is more
than worthy to be its successor…”


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