Past, Present and Future of Metasploit

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“HD Moore is the CSO at Rapid7 and Chief Architect of
Metasploit, an open-source penetration testing platform. HD founded
the Metasploit Project with the goal of becoming a public resource
for exploit code research and development. Rapid7 acquired
Metasploit in late 2009. In this interview HD Moore talks about the
transition to Rapid7, offers details on the development and
different versions of Metasploit and discusses upcoming features.

“What was it like bringing a rather famous open source product
with a dedicated user-base like Metasploit into a corporate
environment with Rapid7?

“The presence of Rapid7 behind the Metasploit Project has
dramatically increased the acceptance of our software within
corporate environments. A little-known fact is that customers of
our commercial products also receive partial support for the open
source product as part of our standard contract. This provides a
level of commercial support that was not available previously.”