PC Plus: Corel Linux: the first glimpse

“With Linux distributions as thick on the ground as penguins on
an iceberg, you’d be forgiven for shrugging off the latest entry:
But what we saw impressed us.”

Known for their low-cost graphics flagship, CorelDRAW, and
their WordPerfect office suite, Corel has shown a commitment to
Linux since the release of WordPerfect 8 for Linux for free
download almost a year ago. Now they’ve vowed to bring Linux out of
the computer room and on to the desktop.

“Corel have added a new graphic installer to Debian which can
get you up and running with just four clicks of the mouse,
detecting plug-and-play hardware and relieving the user of the need
to fiddle with arcane monitor settings. While we didn’t actually
see the installer let loose on a real hard drive, it looks smart
and, er. Windows-ish.”