PC Week: GNOME freeware takes some of the pain out of using Linux

“Initial tests of the GNOME 1.0 desktop interface for Linux show
that the operating system doesnt necessarily have to be a tool for
geeks — but, at least initially, you might need a geek to set it

“In PC Week Labs’ tests of the software, released last week by
the GNU Project, GNOME (GNU Network Object Model Environment) 1.0
proved substantially prettier and easier to use than the default
desktop in Red Hat Software Inc.’s Red Hat Linux. (GNOME 1.0 can be
downloaded for free from www.gnome.org.)”

“However, it took us several hours to configure. Before
attempting to install GNOME, users should make sure all appropriate
development libraries are installed and the myriad RPM (Red Hat
Package Manager) files required to install GNOME are downloaded. In
tests, we had to load several packages to get through the
dependency check process.”