PC Week: IBM gets Monterey Unix to run on Merced

IBM and a group of partners announced today they are
running the advanced Project Monterey operating system on Intel
Corp.’s upcoming 64-bit Merced chip, kicking off a battle among
major OS vendors to win the hearts and minds of software

“The successful boot of the processor, completed Monday at an
Intel lab in Dupont, Wash., means that major vendors like IBM, Sun
Microsystems Inc. and Hewlett-Packard Co. will start to compete to
get software vendors to port new 64-bit applications to their
operating system.”

“Project Monterey, which is being developed by IBM, SCO Inc.,
Intel and Sequent Computer Systems Inc., combines IBM’s AIX, SCO’s
SCO Unix and Sequent’s DYNIX/ptx. IBM this week announced an
upgrade to AIX and said that it wanted to become the top Unix
server vendor.”