PC Week: LinuxWorld shifts into high gear

“RedHat Software Inc. will lead the charge here Tuesday when it
unveils a portal site, slated to go live this week, according to
officials with the Research Triangle Park, N.C., company.”

“Netscape Communications Corp. got into the act yesterday by
announcing Linux support on its Directory Server, Messaging Server
and directory management tool Delegated Administrator, said
officials with the Mountain View, Calif., company.”

“Cygnus Solutions Inc. will also make several announcements at
the show. The Sunnyvale, Calif., provider of Linux development
tools plans to enhance its GNUPro Toolkit to support development of
Linux on Intel Corp. processors, officials said.”

“On the desktop side, Miguel de Icaza, the designer of the Gnome
graphical interface for Linux, plans to announce on Wednesday the
shipping version of the Gnome interface, officials from the Free
Software Foundation said.

Meanwhile, Pacific HiTech Inc. yesterday announced variations on
its Linux server theme. PHT, of Oakland, Calif., markets the
TurboLinux distribution of the OS. The company debuted TurboLinux
Server, TurboLinux Enterprise Server and TurboLinux Cluster Web