PC Week: Lotus opens up its Linux plans

Thanks to Gareth
for this link.

“Lotus Development Corp. already has sketched the broad outlines
for bringing Domino to Linux. Now it is painting in the

“Don Harbison, Domino marketing manager, said Domino 5.0.3 is on
schedule for a late 1999 release. From a user’s point of view, the
Linux Domino server will look and work just like any other Domino
server. The Linux version will also have built-in connectivity with
Oracle Corp.’s Oracle 8.0x and IBM’s DB2 databases. This new
functionality is designed to enable Domino programmers to create
elaborate Notes- and Web-compliant e-commerce and data-processing

“Harbison said Lotus has ‘a long-term commitment to Domino on
Linux.’ He said Lotus Business Partners have been asking for Domino
on Linux since 1998 and that the demand has been increasing. One
major partner, Harbison noted, is planning on deploying Domino in
an application hosting service.”

“Beyond Domino, Lotus will also be releasing its SameTime 2.0
real-time collaboration software and QuickPlace 2.0 collaborative
teamware program on Linux in the first half of 2000.”