PC Week: Reborn Amiga has big plans for Linux

“We’re doing exactly what Gateway said they’d do with us,” said
Bill McEwen, president and CEO of the Snoqualmie, Wash., arm of
Amiga. “Gateway could have had it all.”

“The company wants to make sure Amiga’s interface can run on
Corel’s Linux products as well as it does on Red Hat’s. And Sun is
working with Amiga partner Tao-Group to provide a Java virtual
machine that is optimized for the Amiga platform….”

“At Amiga’s Amiga2000 developers’ conference in St. Louis over
the weekend, the company gave a sneak peek at some of its
forthcoming interface technology. McEwen called the Amiga interface
a “multimedia RTOS (real-time operating system).”

Like (Microsoft’s) DirectX is an RTOS for Windows, we are
an RTOS for Linux
,” McEwen explained.”