PC Week: StarOffice is a worthy alternative [Review]

“For the 80 percent of Microsoft Corp. Office users who
reportedly use only 20 percent of the suite’s functions, Star
Office is an excellent fit because it handles all the core feature
sets very well. Even power users will find a lot to like in

In tests, PC Week Labs found StarOffice flexible and intuitive,
with helpful extras such as a good WYSIWYG HTML editor, a formula
editor and a decent image editor.”

“Because StarOffice runs on Windows, Solaris, Linux and OS/2
(but not Mac OS), it gives businesses the opportunity not only to
standardize on an office suite, but also to provide a standard
desktop interface across operating systems.”

“We opened and saved files in all standard Office formats,
although we did lose some formatting and rich text.”

“The download for StarOffice is around 65MB, and the suite takes
up about 150MB of disk space—considerably less than most
office suites.”