PC World: Create Two Virtual PCs Out of One [with VMware]

“…VMware for Windows NT and Windows 2000.
…available as a 3MB download …lets you run multiple
operating systems at the same time ‘on top’ of Windows NT or
Windows 2000.
The utility runs the operating systems in what
the company calls virtual machines, switching between them
without the need to restart your PC.”

“For the next 30 days, the home/educational version is available
for $75, and the corporate version is available for $199. The
prices will then go up to $99 and $299, respectively. VMware also
offers a free 30-day evaluation version, and the company also sells
VMware for Linux, which allows multiple operating systems to run
concurrently on top of Linux.”

“…most major applications run without problems in their
respective virtual machines, although many games aren’t supported.
…’major known issues and limitations’ with VMware… detailed on
the VMware Web site. …include slow floppy performance,
non-support of LS-120 SuperDisks, and problems with AMD K6 and
Cyrix processors. In addition, virtual machines cannot play audio
CDs, and CD-R and CD-RW drives can only be used for reading