PC World: Linux: It’s Not Just for Geeks Anymore

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“In years past Linux’s unintuitive user interface made the
operating system difficult to use for all but the most savvy
geeks–and it often sent novices running back to Windows. These
days, Linux is a kinder, gentler, more-approachable operating
system, nothing like the cryptic command-line-driven beast it once
was. And Corel Linux OS Second Edition is the friendliest Linux
package we’ve seen.”

“We’ve tested other Linux distributions before, including
Caldera, Red Hat, and Mandrake. Corel’s latest Linux
distribution, version 1.2, makes leaps and bounds in ease of use
and installation. And although Corel offers hand-holding for
beginners, advanced users can still escape the graphical user
interface and head back to the command line.”

“In just four steps, a Windows-only PC can be transformed into a
lean, mean, stable Linux machine. Before installing, we checked the
Linux Hardware Compatibility site to see if our hardware would run
under Linux. Checking compatibility is an especially important step
if you have a newer machine, because it may have new hardware
architecture that Linux doesn’t know about. (As with all OS
installations, you should back up your system before you install
Corel Linux.)”

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