PC World: New Life for Old PCs

“The [$49.95] NewDeal WebSuite provides e-mail, Web surfing,
and chat capabilities to older systems, as long as they have at
least 10MB of hard disk space and 640KB of memory [and an Intel
80286 CPU]
… includes a Web browser and other advanced Web
applications such as instant chat and Web page editing. …new
version of its NewDeal Office suite, priced at $69.95… has the
same system requirements as the WebSuite and has six applications,
including a browser, word processor, and desktop manager.

A full-blown installation, consisting of NewDeal Office and
WebSuite, takes an additional 4MB of hard disk space, but no extra
memory. The DOS operating system is sufficient. …the software
offers an alternative to recently announced Internet devices, such
as the $199 iToaster from Microworkz.com.

‘We are targeting the biggest market of all, the used PC
market,’ says Clive Smith, president and founder of NewDeal. …
The NewDeal software has a Windows-like graphical user interface.
The technology was licensed from Geoworks, which specializes in
ultra-slim software. Smith was formerly a Geoworks executive.”