PC World: What Exactly Is Windows DNA?

“Built on top of Windows 2000 DNA [Distributed interNet
Architecture], Microsoft’s new products will offer XML-supported
functions, through DNA ‘building blocks’ on several levels.”

“The bottom level of the new DNA offering is Windows 2000…
Directly on top of that will be SQL Server 7.0, which Microsoft
says will let you enter URL queries and in turn receive results in
XML. On top of that will be the AppCenter Server or ‘Babylon’
Integration Server, which will let a business perform transactions
with other businesses on the Web without XML coding.

To integrate the levels of software and hardware, Microsoft’s
BizTalk tool will help businesses exchange information with other
BizTalk-compatible groups with different platforms, operating
systems, and programming languages. At the very top of the pyramid
will be the Megaservices, which are the ‘reusable building blocks,’
Ballmer says. These will help you buy products using Passport,
Microsoft’s authentication and wallet application, or program a
site to include your favorite components.”

A Linux Killer?

Microsoft faces serious competition from IBM, Sun, and the Linux
camp. … While Microsoft’s new offering has promise, it was
launched reactively, rather than proactively, according to
analysts. ‘What Microsoft is trying to do is stop the move to Linux
and get to the Web,’ says Rob Enderle, an analyst at Giga
Information Group. ‘If Microsoft doesn’t make the Web their
platform, they are no longer the dominant player.’ “