Phosh 0.15.0 Wayland Shell for GNOME on Mobile Devices Adds Full VPN Support, Swipeable Notification Frames

Several months in the works, Phosh 0.15.0 is a massive update with hundreds of changes, starting with full support for VPN authentication. This means that there’s now a VPN indicator in the top bar that displays the VPN state, as well as a VPN quick setting that will appear when there’s at least one VPN configured. In addition, the new VPN implementation supports the WireGuard VPN protocol.

The Phosh 0.15.0 release also adds a swipe-to-remove gesture for notification frames, adds support for arbitrary passwords on the lock screen through a new button on the keypad that unfolds the on-screen keyboard and shows a text entry to enter passwords, and brings back gamma control protocol support.