PhyreEngine, Mono, cool Mono uses in Gaming, and more.

[ Thanks to An Anonymous Reader for
this link. ]

“PhyreEngine# wraps PhyreEngine using the same
techniques that we used in Gtk# and Moonlight. The resulting API is
glorious and by letting PhyreEngine do all the heavy lifting while
driving all the high-level from C# there is no way of telling that
the driving force is not C++. All you get is pure unadultered

“To make our demos a little more interesting, Michael wrote a
minimalistic yield-based co-routine framework inspired by some of
the ideas that our friend Lucas gave us. It is a tiny toy, but we
used it to illustrate the concept of using C# iterators as the
foundation for game logic development and how a cooperative
scheduler would work (Unity game logic works just like this).

“We were also working on completing Mono’s port to the
PlayStation 3’s native operating system (this is different than
running Mono on Linux on the PS3: that already works, and it was
used for developing CellDotNet, a JIT for the PS3’s SPUs). Zoltan
developed the static compiler for PowerPC and I did the platform


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