PlantAutomation.com: DataViews Announces HMI Development Tool for Linux

“DataViews Corp., a Northampton, MA-based provider of human
machine interface (HMI) development tools for creating operator
interfaces, announced that its high-end HMI software tool,
DataViews, now supports Linux. According to the company, this
announcement makes it the first provider of open architecture HMI
tools to allow both development and deployment of Linux-based HMI

DataViews for Linux is designed for development of
large-scale, multi-level applications in a range of industries
including industrial control, SCADA and facilities

“DataViews for Linux is a high-end HMI development tool with an
open architecture and support for X-Windows systems. This open
architecture promotes interoperability, easing the process of
integrating HMI systems with enterprise-level information systems,
such as ERP/MRP….”

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