Playboy.com: 01:00: Linux New Year!

“… I am keeping an eye on an alternative to the bulkiness and
instability of Windows. Positive feedback on a new operating
system called Linux (LYNN-ooks) encouraged me to use this month’s
column to research it,
not only for my curiosity and my
readers’, but also for my own enterprise. After all, we had DOS in
the Eighties and Windows in the Nineties; maybe Linux will be the
OS for the new millennium, or at least the new decade.”

“The only major drawback I see to Linux right now is a lack of
software. When software developers begin to look at the Linux OS as
a viable player in the desktop realm and begin to port current
programs over to Linux and develop new programs that are
Linux-compatible, I believe there will be nothing to stop people
from making Linux the OS of choice for desktop applications.
However, I have to admit that my company won’t be getting rid of
our Macintoshes or PCs until Adobe Systems and other software
developers make their products Linux-compatible. The jury is still
out on that one.”