PLCOM: Investors push up Corel shares again

Thanks to Peter Crane
for this link.

“Company says hike could be on back of Red Hat IPO”

“Corel Corp. shares touched a 52-week high yesterday in heavy
trading, a jump that echoed last week’s sudden climb.”

“Like last week, the rise appears to be based on almost no news
about the company. The only news was an agreement that will put
Corel’s WordPerfect Office 2000 software on laptop computers made
by Eurocom Corp. of Ottawa.”

“Catherine Hughes, a spokeswoman for Corel, said the firm
attributed its recent share price rise to three things: The stock
is undervalued in the company’s opinion, some analysts have revised
their estimates for Corel’s third- and fourth-quarter earnings, and
the company is planning to release new versions of all its software
for the Linux operating system.”